Home Gadgets Reality of Concealed Carry Belts- Are these Really Effective?
Reality of Concealed Carry Belts- Are these Really Effective?

Reality of Concealed Carry Belts- Are these Really Effective?

by IdleMinutes

Tummy belts or waist belts, these are also called compression belts. These are not the newest to join the list of products that avouch to make you lose weight. There must be many that you must have read about or seen many people who wrap a tight belt around their tummy while working out or simply during the day. It comes down to one question, do these belts live up to the claim they vouch for? Let’s explore here!

What are slimming belts?

Before answering ‘do tummy belts benefit in reducing the tummy size?’, let’s discover what slimming belts actually are. Tele-marketers telecast advertisements about slimming belts. In order to lure you, you are shown pictures of individuals who have reduced a tremendous amount of weight just by putting these belts on. If you have seen any such commercials, you must know that they are highly filtered!

How Do These Belts Operate?

These compression belts only tend to leave a temporary effect. When you wrap something thick around your waist, it’s obvious that you will sweat more from your tummy, which will make you lose water weight that can make you slimmer. But only temporarily. Understand, it’s not fat that you are losing by wearing these but just extra water weight. As soon as you rehydrate, you’ll feel your abdomen coming to the same level as it was before. You wouldn’t have lost even an inch.

How To Reduce Weight?

Be it concealed carry belts or any other equipment claiming to make you lose weight won’t leave a lasting effect if you don’t consider the following.

1 Rework your diet –

If you’ve been on diet for a while, the stubborn fat just going to torture you more and not leave. In order to get rid of it, you need to level up your calories. Do this by upping your calories by 200 every couple of weeks. Take note, when you diet below your BMR for too long your metabolism slows due to the lack of leptin production. By increasing the calories your metabolism will work harder thus making your job easier.

2 Do Fasted Workouts –

Fasting lowers the amount of insulin in your blood streams and the body needs to talk into fat deposits to form energy. Since the stubborn fat is very insulin sensitive, having a lower insulin level will make it more impactful. Aim for workouts after fasting for at least four hours.

3 Do trisets –

These are effective, efficient and simple. These help in reducing those love handles and try adding some bodyweight squats for the thighs and ass. A set of 20 squats or ab exercise will help get the blood flowing to those areas of stubborn fat.


The basic motive of you using a concealed carry belt is to cut down weight in less time. But remember slimming belts are nothing less than a scam of the billion-dollar fitness industry. It seems convenient not to move and inch and just lose weight, for the very reason a major chunk of people are fooled by these market gimmicks.

Always remember there are no shortcuts to a healthy and toned body. Try to find a balance between a nutritious diet, proper sleep cycle and regular workout. If you attain that you won’t be fooled by any of these temporary weight loss equipment.

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