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Minimalist Bedroom Décor That Improves Your Mood

Minimalist Bedroom Décor That Improves Your Mood

by IdleMinutes

Minimalism is among the most popular interior design styles nowadays. It features clean lines and a limited colour scheme.

A minimalist bedroom keeps just the essentials and clears the knickknacks away. Scientific research adds to the strength of its principles and benefits. For example, a study suggests that messy homes are related to depressed moods heightened stress levels.

Minimalism works like magic to some people. It might be beneficial in the bedroom because that’s where you rest and relax. This style suits people who love simplicity and believes that “less is more.”

If you like a serene, uncluttered, yet functional space, then a minimalist décor style might be for you. Since you can only keep a few things in the room, minimalism encourages wise choices. Aficionados should pick furniture and ornaments that are charming yet practical.

Today, we are listing down minimalist décor ideas for a bedroom that’s low on clutter and big on style.

1. White and Wood

Minimalist Bedroom Décor

White is minimalism’s best friend. White is a gorgeous colour that can go well with any other hue. A cosy bedroom with a touch of rustic vibe is easy to accomplish. You would want to add wooden elements to your space. For instance, you can go for a wooden bed, ceiling, or floor.

2. Rough and Soft Textures

Contrasting textures is key to a beautiful room with a restrained palette. You can choose items of one shade but different textures to add character to your bedroom.

For instance, you can pick elegant linen bedding, a coarse nightstand, and a velvet headboard. All of these, in grey colour, and you will see a nice blend of textures.

3. Bold Accents

Minimalist Bedroom Décor

If a pared-down room with all-white stuff doesn’t please you, then you can use it as a canvas instead. It’s time to integrate some bold accent through graphic rugs, bright curtains, or blooming flowers. You can splash radiance on a relatively restrained palette; just be sure not to go overboard.

For instance, you can add a colourful area rug while all else stay neutral. Or, you can dress the white walls with yellow drapery with a matching vase of yellow roses. Having one colourful item in the room is unlikely to create clutter. Instead, it can add a charming touch to your space.

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4. Harmony

Like most forms of art, Interior Design relies on balance and symmetry. These elements are present in minimalist bedrooms. Proportion plays a part in making a calm, orderly, and controlled space. Hence, you would need to consider the size of the room and furniture in your layout.

Further, you would want to arrange your décor symmetrically. That way, your eyes can move smoothly through the room. You can still play with colours and shapes while doing so. 

5. Textured Walls

Minimalist Bedroom Décor

Instead of artworks, you can decorate your bare walls with texture. For example, you can go for a shiplap wall, a plaster finish, or a fabric wallcovering. Some designers use suede to give the walls a luxurious feel. 

Aside from the walls, you can also add texture through your bed. For instance, you can use a wool blanket for a warm and textured look.

6. Quiet Pieces

To decorate a minimalist space, you would want to stick with simple and refined embellishments. For instance, you can opt for a metallic piece like a floor lamp. Or, you can have furniture with metallic accents. Also, you can adorn the room with an edgy black wire feature.

7. White Walls

Minimalist Bedroom Décor

White walls are a hallmark of the minimalist space. They are especially great if your bedroom has enormous windows offering a lovely view of greenery from the outside. If bare walls are not your style, you can spice it up with artwork above the bed.

A geometric motif will add a bold touch to a monochromatic scheme. You can incorporate geometric patterns into your rugs, upholstery, and artworks.

8. Pastel Touch

Most minimalist bedrooms stick to the calm and neutral schemes of white, black, and grey. However, you can go past these classics by adding a hint of pastel.

While minimalism avoids complex colour combinations, a simple deviation in hue can do you no harm. Instead, it will bring a comforting character to your space.

To do this, you can keep everything minimal except for one large piece. For example, you can throw in a lavender comforter in your all-white bedroom. 

9. Low Slung Furniture

Minimalist Bedroom Décor

Low beds are having a significant moment in the minimalist bedrooms. Lovers of the style prefer platform beds that are sleek and comfy. The bed comes with a simple frame, usually with no headboards. 

10. Quirky Items

Minimalism is all about serene and thoughtful spaces. To keep clutter to a minimum, you would want to select only limited but unique pieces.

You can go for miscellaneous items that seem to tell a story and then integrate them thoughtfully into your space. The outcome will be a clean and sophisticated bedroom.

11. Zen Vibes

Zen embodies the principles of minimalism: less on clutter and more on a calm and contemplative space. 

In interior design, Zen makes use of natural materials to create a peaceful view. To create a Zen bedroom, you would want to feature earth and neutral hues.

You can use rattan or oak furniture to draw out nature vibes. Browns and beiges are good colour schemes for a Zen aesthetic. 

12. Clever Storage Solution

Clean, cosy, and straightforward. These are the characteristics of a minimalistic space. To keep your bedroom clutter-free, you need to be smart about keeping your stuff. You can invest in a storage solution that has excellent concealment abilities. For example, you can opt for a built-in storage cabinet. 

Smart storage solutions are typically on the pricey side. However, it keeps your room tidy and accurate to the minimalist style. Also, it adds value to your home.

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