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Foods give us energy, strength, and activeness, but it is also fighting with our moods. One of your favourite food dishes can change your mindset to positive just like some many fruits and vegetables can take regularly and help out fight with depression and anxiety kind of severe psychological disease that is harmful to many human ways. Some time human health-related depression just like in a men low libido type of depression for that these foods which can heal that problem but take it time-consuming if you have any problem like erectile dysfunction and want to immediately recover from this problem then take a Kamagra oral jelly which is fasted pill with effective results other this food can slowly work on your health problem. 

Below is the list of foods you can take it daily routine life but how much portion and time to take. 

  • NUTS


There are many fishes available with fatty omega-three acid, vitamins and minerals that can give but which fish has lots of oily like salmon, tuna, sardines that kind of fish are the best one fight with depression and anxiety only for they are omega-three fats. And these fats are essential for brain health which can work on human brain moods. In study research done by journal of epidemiology and community health, they said more oily fish taken people are less in depression than who do not eat fish or not eat oily fish. These research 1,50,000 people are participating. You have to add at least one of full fish in your diet in a week with oily.  


From Adam to Eve till time humans are eating fruits and fruits with lots and lots of varieties that can cure many diseases just like weight problem, skin problem, hair problem, any internal organ problem fruits can heal fast rather than other foods. If you can eat daily and less take other foods like grains or vegetable, you will see effects on your different body level. There are many fruits available that can reduce the depression level and become confident if you can continuously take on in your diet. 

Eat strawberry, oranges, grapes, berries, mangoes, and banana with lots of vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium, which can give your mood change and give your brain cell strong with your muscles well.


Vegetables are a significant source of we get energy and activeness other there are a lot of green leafy vegetables which you can take at your diet choose that vegetables which have lots of fibre, other minerals and vitamins which can fight with unusual depression and anxiety feel and make you feel healthy from inside also it is so many benefits for maintaining the body weight. There is a high chance if you have overweight they can face more depression, in stress, with little things keep using vegetable if possible organic one for the best way to effects. 


Chicken is the best way to get protein, and this is the best one to stabilise your sugar levels, and the swing mood will stabilise. Chicken is the trusted source of lean protein, especially take chicken brests to get protein and tryptophan, which can benefit body serotonin which can help human good and healthy sleep and maintain the mood. If you can take 100 gm of chicken on your daily food diet, it gives you lean protein. 


Yes, chocolates are changing the mood level as fast as others can do if you can give anyone chocolate which can instantly produce positive mood change because of chocolate has come with caffeine which can boost the mood and put your positive mood level and avoid the stress, anxiety feelings. You can take coffee as well rather than chocolate if not take daily. It is also the most benefits to maintain the mood. 


There are few nuts which can you take for maintain the mood just like hazelnuts, brazil nuts, cashews which all are gives omega-three fats and the walnuts has a lot of omega-three fats nutrient which maintain the attitude. A brain shape design walnuts balance brain health and a great source of protein, blood sugar levels too. A psychologist did a recent study, 30% lower get depression who can take walnuts in their diet daily. Especially who are suffering the brain related issue, they must be taken walnuts daily also suffering erectile kind of problem. 

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